Monday, September 7, 2015


The happiness and cheerfulness "Gokulashtami" brings in is just awesome. It is so nice to see small children dressed up like Krishna and Radha. Like all the other festivals, this one also makes one thinking deeply. 

When Krishna was born, only His parents were awake! The rest of the world was deep asleep! His mother was worried about His life; father was concerned with crossing a river on a rainy day. Step mother did not even know that He is not her son. But His birthday is celebrated with all the cheerfulness in the world! That probably is the result of living a strong life with an ever present joyful smile in spite of all the odds!

Though He is one of the greatest Gurus, He is considered as the most mischievous and adorable child too. Sweets of all kinds are offered to Him. How can some one be highly regarded for wisdom and cherished like a child at the same time?

Like him, can we retain the child like innocence and curiosity while developing ourselves in various other aspects of life? Are these really contradictory requirements as they feel like?

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