Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rama and Krishna

Sometime ago, I was relating Buddha to the process consultants. Possibly I did not get it right then, I feel! A coach should be like Krishna and the PM should be like Rama.

Rama was a good manager; he was able to use the right people for the right job at the right time. Of course he made mistakes too. He took charge of the situations and moved to people to work for his goals with benefits for every one along the way. He could manage humans, animals, super-humans and super natural powers! He used different techniques to nudge them to action. He was part of the army and fought his fight.

Krishna was a good coach. A coach should know the business, and should be able to keep calm during the stressful times. Like Rama, Krishna also used different techniques to make people act. But he did not get into the war directly. He was a warrior and could fight the most dangerous men in first of half of his life; so he knew the nuances of the business. But later, when he matured as a coach, he guided his team to victory. He was the most calm person during the war and hence he could get his head to act.

In my opinion, someone who did not know the business / did not deal with the business practilcaly becomes a coach, the team suffers. I want to be more like Krishna!