Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why did I choose what I chose???

Out of the three opportunities I had, I chose to pursue the current role for a few good reasons.

1. I can learn a supposedly new way of application development.

2. I am very curious to assess if the new way of application development will really work. The whole thing looks like formalizing or regularizing the 1970's style of application development.

To ensure that the requirements are well understood and delivered as agreed, the IT industry has devised too many documents; to cut costs it ended up outsourcing to BRIC countries; to handle the ever growing technical diversity and specific lifecycle requirements, it came up with specialists; it penalised even a one day delay as a greatest sin on earth and came up with complicated ways of project tailoring and planning Well... Suddenly, some one thought, "Oops sorry, we came too long a distance in a wrong route. Let us go back to the good old days where we had people working in the same building, everyone could do almost everything, let us reduce the documentation & focus on the real business of application development and let us use grandmas task list instead of complex project plan with gantt chart".

It makes sense in one level at the same time it is contradicting with all the process deployments, assessments and improvements I have been part of. I wanted to see how this new way can handle the all complex world of converting a business requirement to a set of screens, tables and reports.

3. Industry does not have that many trainers (in the new framework) today and hence my market value would increase if the new way really works and I get to learn it properly. :-)

By end of this financial year, I will be able to validate the above reasons.

I quit my earlier assignment because there was a value system conflict; that too in a very short span of six months. The other two assignments were reasonably long - one was for 8.5 years and the other one was for 3 years (I took a break due to health reasons; when I was ready to join back, the organization had got into some serious issues and was not in a position to recruit anyone). I wish my current assignment keeps me interested even beyond this financial year:-)

Back again... After 4 months of silence

I wrote my last blog on the last working day in my previous organization. After that I took a break of two months and joined my current employer in first week of April.

I was free from work but busy with a lot of other things in life during those two months. And then the first two months in the new place made me busy with work also.

Today, I decided to take life back in my hands... and I am back to blogging. Hope to write once a week at least...