Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What they do not teach in schools.....

It is very interesting to observe that schools do not teach us most of the skills needed for life.

We study maths and learn technical stuff like how to count, add, subtract but never learn that just numbers can be misleading. We study history and learn when a war was fought but never learn why nations fail or succeed. We learn to measure density of water but never taught how precious water is. Schools do not teach how to make decisions.... forget about schools, no one teaches us how to make decisions. While making decision, what all will you consider, who all will you consider are the two big questions. Personality development experts (or so called) make money knowing that all most all people get confused and try getting support in this area.

I wonder why do we learn geography in first place. There is no connection between history and geography we learn. How can that be? Great nations exploit their natural resources and win the world. Why is this not taught? What is the point in learning that Cuba is Sugar bowl of world while not understanding what is the issue between Cuba and USA?

Schools have a lot of moral stories for young children. But unfortunately whatever happens to 'history' happens to moral science too. Wars are fought and no one knows why some one won or lost!!! Greedy dogs and thirsty crows do not teach anything to the children. Even when children learn something from these stories and enhance the stories, it is not recognized. What is the reason? Is it the quality of teachers, syllabus or again, respect for people? Don't we treat our children as individuals and don't we think that they need to think independently?

Hopefully, the recent increase in the salaries of the teachers will attract knowledgible people to the teaching profession and hopefully, we Indians will start respecting ourselves.... Life will change.... for the better.....

Is there a relationship between respect for people and inventions?

After any disaster - man made or natural - all our TV channels run talk shows to discuss why we fail to recover quickly or why we can not prevent heavy losses! Last year, after the Taj attack, there was a heated discussion in NDTV, that concluded that people are not respected by government and that is why all this is happening.

I kept thinking about every now and then to see if only government does not respect people. Unfortunate discovery is, WE as individuals do not respect others. Servants are ill-treated by the employers; those who clean the roads and sewage are ill-treated by others; constables are treated badly by inspectors and they in turn are hurt intentionally by their bosses. It just means that to show our authority we ill-treat others.

We might have got this quality from our caste system or our colonial life etc. As a result of this, no one is respected in this country. Because of this disrespect, we are OK with other people's difficulties in carrying out their day to day work and hence there is no inventions from India. For example, we do not feel bad when we see a sweeper sweeping the road; so we did not invent a machine to clean the road; some other country invented the road cleaning vehicle; we buy them at exorbitant cost!!! Same thing with any other tools.

Will we ever learn to respect people? Will we ever think of simplifying their work by new tools?

Look at Indian hospitals. How long are we expected to wait? Doctors feel that waiting time is inevitable. Time is precious for everyone but this fact is not appreciated by the doctors. As a result there is no effort taken to improve the queue management, to reduce wait time!!! Doctors are in pressure always and so are the patients!!! Why?!?!?

Will we ever learn to respect people? Will we ever improve our standard of living?

Only when we learn to respect human beings, we will think of innovative ways to improve life and there will be inventions from India. Let us teach our children to respect everyone irrespective of their money, job, color, language etc; or rather, we should let children be children as they do not these differences!!! Let us not teach them to behave like us!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Giving a word or commitment...

We were to arrange for a small get together for about 30 people. Since we did not want to do it home, we were looking for a mini hall that can hold 30 to 40 people and good food. I requested two of my friends to take care of this requirement. Whenever I asked them about the hall, they told me that I do not have to worry about it at all. Just a week before the get together, I wanted to finalize the menu. There came the shock!!!! The hall was not booked. They had just inquired, not confirmed the booking, nor did they tell me about the constraint that the service providers (those in our neighborhood) are not ready to entertain less than 50 people. I had to do the hall searching and booking exercise all over again. Since it was a heavy demand day, it was pretty hard to get a hall.

This kept me thinking..... How many of us really respect the word we give others? How serious are we about the casual "Sure, shall come and visit you some time" at end of every friends' meeting? How many people call their friends or relatives as promised?

I am trying to understand why some of us take these "promises" seriously and others do not.

In the industry I was working in, whatever you commit counts irrespective of whether it was oral or written. But, in Government sector, only written communications are valued. You can say anything orally and get away with it. My friends are working in Government. Could this have caused this behavior or is that the way there were brought up? I'm not sure.