Saturday, August 29, 2015

The year that went by!

I am looking back as I gain one more year in age! Wow! What an year! "Retrospectives" is an interesting and useful technique! Sure, sooner we do retro better the results; but it is better to do yearly retro too for getting a bigger picture :-)

When I think of things that went well in the last one year, I find a real long list!  To cut the long story short, I understood how strong a person I am, what is important in life for me, what defines my core system. I am thankful for the great opportunities for thinking through all these aspects. I am thankful for all the great problem solving techniques I was exposed to, to all those who asked me right questions to make me think in the right direction and all the great support I got in making me stronger, gentler and more human :-) I wrote more in the last one year! 30 to 33 articles (depending on the calendar followed - Tamil month and star or English month and date) out of the 100 came in last one year -  30% output in 14% of the time! Number of follow up articles increased! That can be taken as an indicator of increased audience :-) At least five people told me that I should consider writing as a serious business!

When I think of things that need improvement, I realise that this is a longer list :-) I found it difficult to group them as they are in various aspects of life!  I violated a few of my principles, went back on commitments given, stood just as an observer instead of acting and let things fail for a few people, took a big "U" turn on a decision just before  initiating  (you can even say halfway thru) action - a very unlikely act for the person I am! I have a huge pile of books I did not read! None of the books I bought / got after Jan 2015 are read fully; some of them are not even open from the pack! (hmmm… getting a book and not reading it is violence on those books, I read somewhere!!) I have a long list of people who I have not talked to since March this year! Violence of different sort! Many of them are upset with me! Good news is, they are still not giving up on me and a few of them stated it explicitly! I have a long list of articles running in my mind but not even drafted leave alone being published! Some of the articles will even loose the relevance if not written soon!

But, when I weigh both sides, I am happy with the "went well" category. In fact I have started maintaining a journal for capturing things going right as they go right :-) and another journal for capturing important lessons! I am getting a feeling that, if I have to leave now, I will leave with peace and if I have to live, I will live with enthusiasm! I am thankful for this!

You may not consider this post as an article! It is a thank you note to all of you for standing with me so long!


Sathya Natarajan said...

Thanks for writing Geetha.

I have seen and heard, people talking about positive things and positive attitude.

You are truly demonstrating in real life.

You are one those strongest females, I have come across in my life.

Wish you all the best and good luck. Take care of you and your health.

See you on your return.

Geetha Justin said...

Thank you for the appreciation and kind words Sathya. Will try to live upto them :-)

leang heng said...

Thanks for nice shairng!