Friday, April 17, 2015


My visit to Sarabheswara temple yesterday made me think of life from a few different perspectives. The belief goes this way: on request of people from all over the world including Devas, Shiva took Sarabheswara form - a combination of bird, animal and human with goddess Shakti as his wings - to pacify Narasimhar after he destroyed Hiranyan.  When you are mentally or physically disturbed, if you worship Him, He will hug you too and pacify you is the belief.

Hiranyan was a very powerful person with a lot of magical powers and almost immortal; he ruled the world. But he was killed by Narasimhar - who could lift him just like that, put him on His lap with such an ease, pierce his body with just nails. And such a powerful Narasimhar was lifted by Sarabheswara just like that, He hugged Narasimhar like a mother hugging her child and cooled off His anger. And, Sarabheswara had to have Shakti as His wings. This story clearly shows that however powerful you are, there is always someone more powerful than you.

In life, many times we end up expressing anger in such a ferocious manner as Narasimhar. This anger, even if it is righteous, scares off people who we try to protect (or at least believe to protect) and they fear coming near us. On the other hand, though the anger makes us act, it also prevents from coming back to normalcy. It affects us very badly - much worse than the impact on those who receive the anger. If we get a Sarabheswara to cool us off and bring back normalcy at the right time, we are lucky. What would have happened in this case if Shakti did not come along as His wings? What do we do if we do not have a Sarabheswara? Can we be our own Sarabheswara? Hmm…

Narasimhar, the manifestation of the Protector destroyed, and Sarabheswara, the manifestation of the Destroyer, protected. In highly tensed situations, roles and expressions can change, will change looks like. 

The Protector decided to appear for a child and destroyed his father out of love. Strange it sounds, when you say this statement!

I don’t know if worshiping Sarabheswara will pacify us; but I am sure, thinking about the lessons from the story can  certainly do the trick. I think, it is the power of this civilization, that thought thru principles, values and translated them to stories! On 2nd May, there is a dance drama in Music Academy on Prahlada - the child for whose love the Protector manifested. I am thinking of an hour long drama, I acted as Prahlada when I was 11 years old! I am happy that I am born in this country, that taught me / keeps teaching me the deeper meaning of life!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

அணில் குஞ்சு!!!

என் பரணில் ஓர் அணில் கூடு. அதிலிரண்டு அணில்குஞ்சு... கண் திறக்கவில்லை இன்னும்! வெளியில் எறிந்துவிடலாம் கூட்டோடு; விட்டால் உங்கள் விலை உயர்ந்த சூட்கேசுக்கு ஆபத்து அக்கா என்று வேலைக்காரியின் ஆலோசனை. எனக்கு சூட்கேஸ் முக்கியம்! அணிலுக்கு அது கட்டிய கூடு முக்கியம்! குஞ்சுக்கு வாழ்க்கை முக்கியம்! 15 வருடங்களுக்கு முன் இந்த இடத்தில் வீடுகளில்லை! மரங்கள் மட்டும்தான்!! 

வழக்கம்போல விடை தெரியா எனது வினாக்களுடன் நான்! இரண்டு உயிரை விட 10000 ரூபாய் முக்கியமா? மரம்வெட்டி வீடுகட்டி இப்போது கூடுவெட்டவும் தயங்காமல் திரிகிறோமோ? யார் வீட்டில் யார் இப்போது? யார் குடி கெடுத்தது யார்?