Sunday, July 24, 2016


I recently heard about ectogenesis! Ectogenesis is the development of embryos in artificial conditions outside the uterus! In simple terms, it is the process of growing the baby in an artificial womb!

Looks like there are arguments for and against ectogenesis like any other topic in the world. Some of the counter-arguments are religious, stating that, it is against the creative power of God. Many religions are resisting it big time! If it is so, all the existing fertility treatments, contraceptive treatments and instruments are all against God too! Though the idea sounds  like a recent science fiction idea, it is not a new idea to the Hindus. Hindu mythology has several stories that talk about artificial wombs in several forms! So, I guess, the resistance will be much less in India!

Some of the arguments are social stating that it puts women at a disadvantageous position as they are not needed anymore to sustain humankind. Some argue that it is going to be helpful to women who can not have children due to issues with the uterus. There is truth in both arguments. But, I believe, in near future, the direction will go to the latter. After all, women fulfil a much larger role in men's life than just giving birth to their children!! Sure there will be different expectations at times. But, if someone considers only child birth as the major role to be fulfilled by the wife, he does not deserve her anyway!

My argument is more environmental than religious or social. While I recognize the fact that humans will want their own gene to be passed on to their next generation, I am concerned about the world population. Population is sort of exploding - with 7.4 billion in 2016 and crossing 11 billion by 2100 without the help of assisted pregnancies! I used to wonder if human population is way too high percentage in the overall population of beings on earth! Already, the resources scarce! We are not only creating competition within humans but also we are pushing other species into difficulty as well. Considering that, is this initiative really needed? Can we not motivate couple with no children to adopt or give care to already born humans or other creatures? Can we not stop behaving like primitive mammals that want to pass on their genes - even if it means killing their own siblings? hmm... 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Yet another lesson from an airport...

This year has been full of travels! Seven trips in seven (six ?) months! I can probably count the number of days I was home more easily than the number of days I was away! Each travel brings in new experience and new learning! The current one is no exception!

This was in the Dubai airport. She was in her sixties. I thought she was the most beautiful person on earth at the moment! This was in spite of her shiny jazzy magenta saree that was not going well with her deeper complexion and the environment, in spite of her not so perfect facial features. She must be a mother visiting her children or grandmother visiting her grandchildren. She was all smiles and she did not care who's watching her (as most Indian women at her age would have normally done)! She was looking at her watch, then at the door of the airport shuttle as if the doors will open only at a specific time. She was impatient with the slow moving shuttle at the same time!! It was so nice to see her expressions and excitement.

Since the time I saw her, I am reflecting on travel in general and my own travels. Railway stations and airports are the most emotional places probably! My question is, why are we not so excited to see someone who is always with us! Are we taking them for granted? Is it not the same person even if you meet them after a few days, weeks, months or years? What is the difference between meeting someone after a few hours and meeting them after a few days , weeks, months or years? Are we trained to treat scarce resources as precious resources?

At the airports, most people tend to forget any hard feelings they may have had for the other! At the arrivals side, not having seen the other seems to be make people forget any hard feelings and the only thing that seems to matter is the opportunity to see them back! At the departure gate, they cannot see each other for some time seems to be the most important factor that triggers this kind of emotion!  Don’t we have the same probability even with someone who is always with us too? What is the guarantee that they will live for ever? They may not come back in the evening or we may not come back in the evening! Why are we not able to treat them with same kind of love that we show them at the airports! Interesting!!