Monday, September 21, 2015

The strange thing about "feelings"!!

An accident that kills just a couple of people in Tirunelveli hurts more than an accident killing thousands in a far away land. The latter is just a news. What makes you feel bad for the former?

The missing Malaysian plane is not in my memory that much as my second class friend I never met after that year. What makes me think about a little girl who was with me for just one year about 30 years back more than the few hundred people that went missing just a year back!

When you lose a match against an equal opponent, it hurts less than losing against an unknown / unskilled player. What hurts more then? Is it just losing the match?

When a crook swindles you, it hurts less than a friend giving a manipulated account statement. Is it just losing money?

Outcomes alone do not influence feelings, looks like! The association seems to have more influence! How do we get disassociated / detached and focus just on outcomes?

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