Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The other side of the coin!!!!

This week has been a mix of emotions for me! This probably is the strongest! 

This article is a continuation of a couple of articles 1. Why Sukanya? 2. Brainwashing attempts. The trigger was a WhatsApp message that depicted the relationship of a senior male politician with an actress turned politician as an unprofessional one. I was taken aback for the nth time by this text received this evening! When I wrote my earlier articles, I was not this furious.  I should say, I was biased to an extent or in other words, I did not consider the other side of the coin that much!

I am thinking of the comment on chief minister's  letter to the prime minister on the fishermen's issues. That was an expression of an ugly mind. The only reason for the comment is, the chief minister and the prime minister are of different gender! It is the same case with today's WhatsApp text too. The political leader referred to is above 80 years old and the actress is above 45 years old. How can someone think of such a relationship between the two!

This annoying message I got today was sent by another lady, that too with a smiley! It made me even more furious.  She is working in IT industry; so she doesn't have a choice but to work with men. And, she comments this way on another woman!  Isn't it a shame?!?  Isn't it an expression of a biased dirty mind!?!

I'm seriously considering adding a few more  questions  to women as part of my Why Sukanya article.

1. Can you not trust other women to be as genuine as you are? If not, how do you expect others (including your spouse) to trust you?
2. Do you really understand how the world will go with your negative comments about another woman; that is, if you make a statement about another woman, that statement is valued as truth more than a similar statement made by a man? Have you read about the research done related to this? Do you care?
3. Do you know how your arbitrary comments can impact another woman's confidence, choices and decisions - More the genuineness, more the impact is! Just a remark from you can change someone's major decision and impact them for the entire lifetime! What will you do if it is on you, your daughter or sister?
4. Do you know that you are actually stopping your own progress - by making 1) genuine men more scared by such comments 2) other men exploit innocent women (by getting them worried about such statements)? 
5. The text message could/may have been created originally by a man who wants to stop women from joining politics or becoming more popular in politics or winning. Can you not use your brain before forwarding such Brainwashing attempts?

I am FURIOUS! Can we not teach humans to be humans and use their brain before acting?

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