Tuesday, May 5, 2015

That is outside my boat!

That is outside my boat by Charlie Jones and Kim Doren is an interesting book I read in the past one month. Interestingly, it was not a planned reading!! I should say this book landed on my plate by fate! But I don’t regret reading it at all… Not even a single bit… I just loved reading it :-)! "Don’t only try to accept the troubles in your life, celebrate them, learn from them, grow from them and turn negatives into positives" is one of the strongest lessons from this book I would think. You may think you are out of choices but life gives you more choices!

In fact after I wrote the above sentence, I was wondering if I am doing justice to the book! There are too many good things about this book! The lessons it highlights from real people and their lives are so striking!! "The measure of a person is not what he does when he is standing on the top of the world, but what he does when he is standing on the deck and his ship is sinking" Wow… I was super impressed by this statement… it is not that we don’t know similar statements. But the simplicity with which the stories are narrated makes it so enjoyable and insightful. Good read!

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