Saturday, August 4, 2012

Unforced Errors

I have been watching Tennis, Shuttle cork and the like from my teenage (did not have TV before that). The phrase unforced errors keeps getting repeated in these games. It actually means that the player sent the ball out or served wrong though he/she was not pushed to do that.

On the day of Wimbledon finals this year, this phrase struck me like never before; it keeps ringing in my ears constantly. How many unforced errors we do daily, that reduce our performance and ultimately our ability win the game of life!!! The justifications we give, the stories we build for these justifications, the mistrust that gets created because of these stories, the procrastination, obsessions… the list goes on. We do this so much that we do not even realise that these are unforced errors

The count of unforced errors the players make is tracked by software designed for the purpose. I wonder, in our lives, how can we identify and count them!!! If we can’t even measure them, how are we going to reduce them!!!

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