Monday, August 6, 2012

Giving a word or commitment

Way back in August 2009, I wrote a blog on commitments. After about 10 days less than three years, I am thinking about the same subject… You see, the TJ part of my personality (that swings between INTJ and ESTJ) stays intact in spite of my conscious effort to reduce the J part of it!!!! J

I am currently working on a project where there are a group of “volunteers” are working on creating a product that has a social impact (of course commercial impact eventually). I have been observing all those working in this project… This is an interesting mix of people around the globe, with various interests, benefits out of this project ranging from no benefit to indirect benefit to direct benefit. We use a simple technique where, each person informs the others about their availability (hours per day and which days of the week) at the start of the week; or at least that is how we started. Our model was flexible enough to change your plan in the middle of the week. After all, we work for an industry that never considers work-life balance as a basic requirement of a human being (Yes, you guessed it right J it is IT industry), so we had to give this flexibility. All they need to do is, inform others that they are not available and provide the update on the progress in an email. But, did every one follow this, did they deliver what they committed to are two big questions!!!

Today a part of the product is ready be launched after about three months. When I look back, conclusion I am arriving at is, if someone thinks that they are doing a favour, they change their minds any time; but if someone thinks that it is their responsibility, they deliver, come what may.

Another link I am observing is between the benefits and commitment shown by the members. Commitment is proportional to the benefit… benefit has to be perceived first to trigger commitment. What they do not realise is commitment only can command benefit and not the other way round.

Earlier in 2009, I was thinking I thought it has something to do with the industry they work. It does not seem to be so.  My opinion may change again!!!

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