Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Wimbledon Finals

I was watching the all interesting Wimbledon finals last Sunday. The match was so interesting that I forgot my dinner till it ended. But then, when the match ended, I felt so heavy that I could not eat my dinner!!! It was so hard to see Murray crying. That shook me!!! He is world no 4 and he fought the finals in Wimbledon and gave tough fight to the world no 1. It is no small achievement. He fell down several times during the match and a few of them are really nasty. In spite of that he fought the best fight!!! But he cried at the end!!!

I was reminded of a very successful lady I met a few weeks back in a meeting. She is a co-founder of an IT organization. She was sharing a very critical moment in her life. She said about a few months back she was in the verge of committing suicide in fear of failure. I was shocked to hear the statement. How can somebody at that height could think of such a thing!!! She has enough money to run her life; she has given livelihood for so many people; she has groomed so many leaders; she has supported a lot of customers to succeed in their businesses; in spite of all this she made that statement!!!

I strongly believe that the world moves only because of the dissatisfied lot. Only when you are not satisfied with what is available, you strive to make it better; inventions, discoveries, innovations etc. happen only at that level. But then, if your dissatisfaction motivates you to fix it, it is a good sign; if it breaks you then it is the worst thing that can happen to you. I am happy that in both the above cases, they did not take the extreme step; but what is disturbing is the way the expressed the grieve.

I hope the human kind learns to convert the dissatisfaction to innovation not the other way around!!!

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