Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Giver

Last week I read an interesting book called "The Go Giver". The ideas given are very simple and powerful. I think all the powerful ideas are always simple to understand.

1. The Law of Value - Give more than what you get
2. The Law of compensation - Compensation is directly proportional to no of people served and how well they are served 
3. The Law of influence - build your network by connecting with people, by genuinely caring for them.
4. The law of authenticity - the only thing you can offer is you.
5. The Law of receptivity - be ready to accept gifts. only if you accept, you can give.

I think, I have known them before I read them. It is just that I did not write about them. I have talked about these concepts to many of my friends at various points in time. One exception is point no 2.

I have always wanted to increase my compensation (BTW, compensation is just not the monetary part! it also includes the satisfaction, appreciation etc) and focused on 'how well you serve' part of the law. But this never occured to me that the first part plays an equally important role though the second part facilitates the first. I am seriously thinking how can I increase the number of people I serve? I am a process consultant and coach. I am good at teaching concepts to people. How do I serve more people?!?!? Let me figure out!!!

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