Sunday, June 19, 2011

Duryodhana Vs Yudhisthira

It is said that Duryodhana went around the country and declared that all men have evil intentions & they are good till they get a chance to do something bad whereas, Yudhisthira declared that all are good hearted & commit mistakes only because of circumstances. It is claimed that, this conclusion itself is an evidence for the latter's purity and the former's wickedness!!!

I have been seriously thinking about this for a while now. I seem to agree more with Duryodhana though I have not harmed any one intentionally and have helped people when they are in need etc. If you describe a "normal to good" kind of person, i would fit in there. if you describe self centered, wicked person, I would not fit in that explantion... Inspite of that I seem to agree with Duryodhana more than I would with Yudhisthira. If I think of the levels of betreyals I have faced personally, my parents had to withstand, a few of my friends have to swallow it hard,  Duryodhana seems to be right. Most of the people seem to be righteous because they do not have a chance to be wicked!!!

Not sure, I have taken this view because of the recent past or my learnings from my parents' life. However the point I want to make is, it is not how good you are makes you to come to any of these conclusions, it is how good the other people around you are makes you to come to conclusions. If Yudhisthira had come to this conclusions, either he was sorrounded with many "normal to good" or "good" people or he was stupid enough not to understand what is happening around him!!!

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