Friday, June 10, 2011

What is right?

It was election time; there were quite a number of political meetings every where; the two major parties were fighting for power- literally - throwing stones at each other; in the meanwhile, there was a murder in city; one person from a financially backward group is murdered; there were powers trying to suppress this story; the investigating police officer, who is also supposed to give security for the political meetings needs leave desperately for a personal reason.... if he goes on leave how will the journalists react?

It was exam time; two young daughters both in final years of their respective education streams - 10th and 12th standard; both need mother's attention; if not attention, they need her support at least; the mother has to go to their native place for some reason; if the mother leaves the children, when they are in crucial phases of life, how will the magazines describe it?

it was death bed; there was an old man slowly dying; his eyes are fixed at the door, expecting his children; his wife is running around to take care of him; his children have not come... what kind of article are you expecting in the very same magazines? it's election time.... it's exam time.... You know, I am talking about the same family.... in all three stories.... The old man is looking for his son - a policeman, and daughter - who is helping his granddaughters! Can someone tell me, what is right? How quickly we (people and media) make judgments about others without understanding all factors! 

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