Friday, July 8, 2011

The judgements we make....

I have been a Judgemental person since childhood. I keep judging places, food, people and anything that I come across. I am an INTJ generally and sometimes an ESTJ with close friends. The TJ part of me stayed quite intact all these years.

I am trying to reduce the 'J' part of me these days or at least defer judging, though I am hardly successful in this exercise. Earlier I used to despise the famous phrase 'Judge not' thinking that those who do not want to take any decision turned down the idea of judging.

Now, after living for so long, I seem to change opinion slowly though I am still pretty much a TJ. However, I have  been thinking if I need to have so much 'J' of me from the time I learnt a certain facts about certain people after I made some judgements about them.

For example, I have a friend who studied in a big Bschool. He used to share his confusions and fears with me. Though I helped him make his decisions and clear his fears when he needed, I made a judgement that he lacks confidence. Later I realised that he was a different person to every one else and never showed the signs of his confusions or fears; it is just that he trusted me and shared his moments of uncertainity with me; that made me to come to this conclusions. This made me think again... Am I making judgements too quickly??? Sorry, I can not stop judging :-) now I am judging myself....

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