Sunday, July 16, 2017

The first nonpositive article of the year...

Trying to write a blog after about two months!! Writing seems to be tough not because there is no topic or I lost touch with writing! But because there is a lot in mind, with one article seriously crisscrossing! Instead of the one running in my mind, should I write about unintentional micro-inequalities & how to overcome them, trust issues - how being trustworthy & trusting are a competence that needs to be nurtured carefully, how the project management practices (both conventional and agile) help in addressing them or should I write about personal encounters and the aha moments - and is it okay to write on ayyo moments too?? Believe me, this promise of writing only positive blogs was tying me down in!! After a bit of contemplation, finally this article is on an "ayyo" moment not an aha moment!! I am sorry, positive article was just not possible!!

Every time I apply for visa to any country, my emotions flare up; even if I don’t show outwards, I boil inside. This time, it was more! I had to apply for visa to a small developing European country. The treatment I got in their embassy was the heights of humiliation! Not only for me, but for all those who were there; there was someone who has visited 50 countries and he felt that it was his worst experience ever! Hmm… Usually, the developed countries express an arrogance to the individuals from developing countries; but they are much better than how this developing country who is still struggling with basic things (internet connection for example) treated the citizens of another developing country in their own country right at their capital city!! Shame on us, we are citizens of the largest democracy in the world, citizens of a country that launched 104 satellites in one go while the developed countries have only launched a record 37 in the past!! To add to that concern, most of the travel consultants were surprised to know that my visa was stamped in just one go!!! What does this mean?

Sure, I understand there are security reasons for countries to  be careful about who they allow to visit their country; but it does not mean that they can treat people this way. As a lean consultant, I strongly believe that respect for people and cultures is the key to any successful organization! Anyone who consumes your work (product or service or output) is your customer. From that context, those who apply for visa is a customer to that country! Hmm… Anyone in the corporate world knows what happens when we don’t respect our customers!

At the same time I am thinking about Indian government! Will this European country dare to do the same to the US citizens? Will the US government be quiet if they do so? What is Indian government doing? Why does this not have any effect on them? Why is the government not addressing these issues? Is this not a priority for them? What is their priority anyway? As a responsible citizen of India, what is my role? What should I do to address these kinds of issues? Is "மதியாதோர் தலைவாசல் மதித்தொருகால் மிதியாதே", "never step into the doorsteps of those who don’t respect you" right approach or is it "பொள்ளென ஆங்கே புறம்வேரார் காலம்பார்த்து உள்வேர்ப்பர் ஒள்ளியவர்."? Or Should I work towards making my country shine so well that these countries will behave themselves - but, what can be done better than launching 104 satellites while others are struggling to cross 37? What is wrong with our country? Undoubtedly, it is leadership - the lack of it to put it more precisely!

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