Monday, April 25, 2016

To be or Not to be!!

Should we extend life with just medical support is one of the long debated, never ending, unanswerable questions! Though I have heard the question, arguments from both sides several times in the past, the question shook me today. When I heard the 40+ son feeling so desperate to save his 70+ mother, I did not know how to respond! The son is desperate for his mother and the mother is not in a position / state of conscious to decide!! When it  is just a discussion topic in office lunch table, our reaction is different! When it comes to reality, when someone is really going thru the pain of taking such a decision, our reaction is so very different! I did not have a suggestion one way or the other!

Of course, I can not decide for others! But, I have been thinking what is my decision in such a scenario! If I am in the mother's situation, my decision is not to extend my life only with medical support! No way!! I would rather go!

Many times, it appears as if there are things only I can do… But the truth is there is nothing that has to be done by a specific person only!! Sure, each of us is unique, precious, we are the only person who can do something the way we do! But we are not irreplaceable - be it in business world or in personal world! Even a child who loses both parents a minute after birth survives in this world! Of course, life becomes harder for the child; but it survives! So, why create unnecessary burden on the soul to stay longer  by force!

This blog post is like an open declaration to all that if at all I end up in such a situation, please donate all my "donatable" organs and let me go!

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