Monday, February 29, 2016

Shelly peeps in…

Sure… it is not a typo no no it is not poet Shelley! It is the shell collector in me! The sea shore seems to have more shells now! The ones that were hidden under the sand are showing up; if they are not on their own, shell collector digs them up!!

It is interesting to see how human mind plays its games to throw these shells up in the air, make them glitter, flash in multicolors, make them look catchy / resonant with other things. In about 10 minutes of to-do revisit, 20+ shells were thrown into the list. If I was not careful, they would have stayed there and pushed my baskets out of my truck probably!

Here are a few examples… I was pruning my plants this weekend. I realised that my Indian spinach, yam, alocasia (or elephant ear - சேம்பு  ), ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, Bishop's weed (ஓமம்) and coriander have all gone; I am left with just a balcony full of silver vines, a single butterfly pea creeper and a pinwheel jasmine shrub! Of course none of my pots are empty as the silver vine has generously encroached all pots! But I was wondering if I should spend just 30 mins a week and get back to my ginger, fenugreek, coriander!

Too many blog posts / articles started running in my mind - my pongal visit to my hometown, my reflections after watching Goddess Akilandeswari performing puja to Shiva in Tiruvanaikaaval temple, my trip from 31 degree Celsius to 31 degree Fahrenheit, my irritation with the so called "tolerance" & people's urge to classify humans into tags etc..

Not only that, I wanted to buy a few books! Wanted to respond to some "WhatsApp" messages :-). I was thinking of joining music class (vocal)! If that does not work out, can I do it online? And then possibility of a yoga class and was wondering if I can really withstand it now! Why not replace the yoga class with a dance class if that does not work out! The list was on and on and on... This is in spite of a fairly large set of items in my essentials list! Fortunately, within 10 minutes, I realised that my "Shelly" is back and she wants to rule the to-do list like how my silver vine took over the entire balcony in no time!!

Hmm… I was thinking earlier, if at all I end up writing in a self-assumed soubriquet, it will be "தாக்ஷாயிணி"…. Now, I am thinkig if Shelly is the best suitable name :-) Only thing is, people should not expect any similarities between me and "Percy Bysshe Shelley" ;-) :-D

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