Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life is beautiful!

Some days are exceptionally beautiful! Many things fall in place, oh I should say, everything sets into a harmony like a lovely song!!

I was listening to a collection of songs today!! This is a set of songs I have been thinking of listening to fully for about five months now. For various reasons, I could not get to it!! I am so glad that I remembered to play it as my background music today! Though I was only listening to most of the songs, I happened to watch one of the songs - Fly away home by Mary Chapin Carpenter - (it is a youtube collection) and I was so pleasantly surprised "Oh! some one could think exactly like me!". What is even more surprising is, if I had just listened to the song and the lyric, I would have imagined a totally different story line and scenes! I don't know what made me watch it!!! 

As I watched the song, I was reminded of my blog "One more" where I expressed my distress about a fallen tree and the impact on the birds nesting in that tree! I was reminded of my parents who motivated / continue to motivate me to do anything I want to do irrespective of whether it seems feasible or not! Oh! it is a nice feeling! I am sure all of you have experienced this... Realising "someone else is also as sensitive as you are to other beings & they have thought of a solution and the rare support you got was available to someone else too & they are appreciative of that" gives such a satisfaction!! I could not stop smiling for a long time!! I was thinking of the little girl in the song! She was a parent to the geese! She protected them, fed them and taught them to fly high and live!! Hmm... any one who protects, feeds, teaches to fly and live is a parent right, irrespective of their age, gender and the relationship with you!

As I listened, I was reminded of my school that had tall trees behind and then my teacher Mrs. Sundarambal!! And wow, she called me this evening!! She still remembers to check what I am learning new and checked the progress of my research, career and writing :-) How many teachers will remember the students and track their progress even after about twenty years! When she said my smile has not changed in so many years and she sees it when I speak over phone, I could not control laughing merrily! And she joined the laughter happily! Blessing in deed!!

Oh! Life is beautiful!! Some days are more beautiful!!

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