Saturday, July 4, 2015


Ha! It is tiring to be in the same state for centuries together! It is even more stressful, if we think of the great thinkers and philosophers this country had a few millennia back and where we are in our ability to think!! In a country where a king was ready to crush his own son to death as a punishment for killing a calf, where a king died on spot realizing the wrong judgement he gave, there is a judgment asking the victim to marry her rapist! It is even more annoying to listen to or read the supporting arguments for the judgement! Some one proclaims that the judge has given this judgement with a fatherly affection! Oh my! What else can we expect from a crowd that gave two National Awards to a movie like Pudhiya Paadhai? As a society, are we losing sense of what is just and what is not?

We go to an extent of deciding what someone should eat and ban eating beef but have no such feelings about consuming alcohol! Of course, consuming alcohol is also personal and others do not have a say in it. But, it is harmful to health, it affects the mental stability, ability to work and ultimately the economy and atmosphere at home! So the family can ask someone to stop consuming alcohol. When it comes to eating meat, even the family can not and should not influence the personal choice of an individual! We get this mixed up! Government sells liquor and bans beef! We do not seem to understand the intrusions into other's personal space!

We want to fight against "Yoga day", but we are okay to celebrate all the other "days"! We are okay to dance till midnight on the new year's eve & the like and we are okay to burst crackers to disturb those who do not celebrate! But we are not okay for a group of people to gather to improve fitness!

Our undergraduate and graduate students will fight for the right to kiss in public but no such protests against inefficient teaching, inadequate labs, libraries, or other improper infrastructure at the higher educational institutes! Are we losing our sense of priority?

How do we shake this country to think properly?!

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