Thursday, July 9, 2015

100th Article

Technically the last article was my 100th article. But four articles were pulled back and movedto draft status for the following reasons

1. three of them were mere translations and not my views. 
2. I myself could not stand the negativity of the fourth article :-)

So, this one is my 97th article not 101st!

It is going to be 7 years since I started blogging! 100 articles in seven years is not a big deal! It works out to be an article a month; may be a little more - four articles a quarter! But it feels good :-)

I am looking back! This has been a wonderful experience! The range of emotions I went through before and after I wrote each of these articles is pretty large! Mostly, feelings like gratitude, happiness, anger, frustrations, surprise, urge to share the lessons etc. triggered the articles. After I wrote them, it was a different set of emotions!  But the driving factor for most of the articles is some level of dissatisfaction with something or the other. Maybe, it is a good idea for me to look at some metrics related to this aspect :-)

More than these emotions, I am happy about a few learnings about me!

1) In this whole process, I discovered how I choose the language of my articles!
2) I learnt how to use these blogs to communicate with people! In fact, instead of spending time explaining my views on a topic, I share my blog link if I have already written about it. If not, I consider writing an article if the topic is worth. This is an interesting development in the last one year after a mentor suggested to use the blogs to communicate. Interestingly it is working well and it saves a lot of time explaining my stance!
3) My reader circle expanded and included very close associates. My parents, aunt, cousins, teachers and colleagues became my readers. When I started writing, I thought  I was able to write my mind without masking anything only because readers did not include any known people and the moment some known people start reading my blogs, I may start masking. But interestingly, except for just one article out of the 97, I did not need a mask! I was my natural self and did not feel like hiding anything!! I like it that way!! Hmm….
4) More than negative criticism, appreciations made me more nervous about my writing skill!  Though I smiled and thanked those who appreciated, my mind usually drifted off to thinking about my writing skill and the mistakes I have made in the article. Interesting!
5) I cant say that my writing skill has improved significantly as a result of writing for such a long period! Maybe average article count is too low for making reasonable improvement! points 4 and 5 are contradicting each other! hmm... interesting!
6) Many of my friends (readers) are also debataholic (nice word, isn't it) like me. I ended up writing follow up articles as a result!

Thank you all for the patronage! As always, feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome!

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