Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Sukanya?

A young lady quit her career and went back to her home town. If she had quit the IT career because she did not enjoy it or she found a better profession that gives her more satisfaction or she just wanted to be with her family, I would have felt happy for her. But she left her responsibilities halfway, quit a potentially bright career just because of her gender! Not because of younger men! But because of an old man - a dirty old man!!

A few questions are haunting me since the day I heard of her resignation. 

1. Don’t men grow up? One of my colleagues, told me that men discuss about girls during their informal chats at the smoking zone etc.! I was stunned to hear that because this person was married and a proud father of two boys. Of course, people do get attracted to the other gender - every species is designed that way to sustain the population. However, what I am surprised with is, how can you keep thinking about gender attraction even after you cross that age. When an adult behaves like a child he or she is considered as mentally challenged or retarded. But if an adult stops growing beyond teens, why are they not called as retarded? Why do men feel proud to be retarded?

2. What is the society going to do? When would we stop penalizing the Akalyas for the mistake of Indran? Are we expecting a super hero like Rama to come and release Akalyas from stonehood? Isn't there a different explanation for the story? If all men are like Rama and be with one Sita, women can cherish being women without fear, they do not have to be stones is a better explanation I feel. What are the fathers teaching their sons? None of the pancha kanyas fought for themselves. Consider Sita - as a little girl, she could lift the shiva dhanush with ease which many kings failed even to move. But she waited for Rama to help her. If her mother in law went to war and helped winning the war, why could she not fight for herself? Kaikeyi is despised for her ability to fight the war and her ability to negotiate the deal she wanted but Sita is worshiped.  Is this why women wait for someone else to act on their behalf? Why are we not teaching our girls about Mahishasura mardini more than Akalyas and Sitas?

3. Don’t women have guts? If young fawns, the poorest of poor creatures, can jump high to give an impression to their predators that they are not an easy prey and put them off, why did you not try to scare the old man? Is it social conditioning? Even an ant bites back when you try killing it. Are you weaker than an ant my dear good girl? Don't you remember, we belong to a civilization where a woman chased away a tiger without any powerful weapons! Couldn't you scare this ass away?

4. Has India got freedom? Is it 1947 already? Isn't this incident a shame on us? Do we care? Oh yeah, we have bigger shames to handle! Why would we bother about an young girl resigning and being "safe" at home!!!

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