Monday, December 29, 2014

Brainwashing attempts!!

I got a propaganda text today through whatsapp! It claimed that men who are not disturbed by wives (Kalam, Vajapayee and the like) have proved to be great leaders and lead the nation in spite of where they started their career whereas their women counterparts proved that they can disturb the nation because they do not have husbands. Interestingly, this text was shared by a strong woman who I respect! I was wonderstruck!

Why could she not immediately think of Mother Teresa and the like who could heal millions of people? What is stopping her from thinking of women who have lead the nations, corporates and successful families in spite of men?

I am thinking of all such brainwashing efforts made in the past! Starting from Seetha being sent to the jungle just because someone commented on Rama's judiciary system, there are several examples till recent movies and the whatsapp message! In 1970s, there were movies made to show that a woman who is not educated is a much better person than an educated woman; A decade after that, there were movies to show that working women are arrogant, they can't run a family well. The next decade saw movies that women can't run business; if they run, they are either stupid & arrogant or vulnerable to the villan's plots that a hero was needed to rescue them!!

Incidentally, I was watching a movie that said a good wife would serve the husband alcohol at home and she would search for his ex-girl friend and let him be with her for a day (may be more) in spite of the fact that their married life is very beautiful and it is very painful for her to let him be with another woman. Wow, the modern day representation of Nalayini!! Why there is no such attempts from a man to keep his wife happy? Does this mean that only men had a broken love? For every man who had to forego his love to get married to another woman, there is a woman who has lost her love, right? What happens to them? They can't choose to be with their ex-boyfriend, though the husband is willing to let her go  because the boyfriend wants her to come without the thali & the husband has a daughter to be taken care! Wow!!

Current century film makers have learnt not to comment on capability of women; it does not matter anyway!! All the heroines are beauty queens who would be liked by all men for their looks and ads portraying women as very weak willed who would drop everything and follow men just by the bikes they ride in or the deodorants they use! Sure, men are not going to stop their attempts to brainwash subtly. What are women going to do about this?

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Anonymous said...

Was Awaiting for your blog, as it is very interesting to read your perspective on things around.
There is an ad with tag line - 'Why should boys have all the fun?' to which I feel - 'Ah, finally there is something from Women too- apart from hair & cosmetics'
Even I ponder why the many men have this mentality 'Wife is Husband's property and her 'DUTY' is to keep husband happy ALL the time'
There is so much which resonantes in mind from thoughts in your blog!
Keep writing:-)