Saturday, April 6, 2013

Immaculate Conceptions

I always had a great respect for Mother Mary and Devaki - the mothers of two great spiritual gurus- Jesus Christ and Krishna respectively. These two women withstood greatest pressure for their children and for the man kind!

Devaki witnessed seven of her children being killed right in front of her as soon as they were born; in spite of the killings, in spite of knowing that the next child also may be killed, she had to get ready for the next delivery... every time! I can imagine what kind of trauma she would have gone thru during this period; I wonder how much she would have been shivering inside in the last trimester of these deliveries! She must have been hoping and praying that her brother's mind changes...

It takes a lot of mental strength to handle this tragic events continuously... it must have taken a decade for all these eight deliveries to happen... how could somebody manage it for this long? After that too life was not peaceful; Krishna, the eighth child was left with another family staying far away; even then, the pressure continued by means of news about attempts to kill Krishna. I always used to think if she was crying all these years or she was a brave lady who could move on with life with a cheer!

Mary accepted the Immaculate Conception. But during pregnancy and after delivery too, she would have been wondering if her husband Joseph will accept her and the child. She would have been thinking of her fellow human beings who would ridicule her and her child. She had to give birth in a not so clean, not so comfortable place for having accepted the Conception. She could have just refused to accept the conception or she could have just thrown the child away as soon as he was born; but she did not! She went thru all the pain of being ridiculed; even after her child was grown up she had to see him crucified right in front of her! For others He is God or son of God; but for her He is her son, the one who she borne and brought up. How did she manage that pain? Was she crying all thru her life or she moved on with a cheer!

I salute both of these women for their ability to withstand the pain!

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