Monday, August 8, 2011

Is any day better than the other?!?!?!?

Recently someone was asking about my birthday. When I said it is on September 11th, the immediate reaction was "Oh my god, that was a bad day". I was wondering how people come to conclusion about the days so quickly!!! In fact, the great Vinoba was born on 11th September. World Tamil Association was started on this day!!!

December 6 (Babri Masjid), November 26(Taj Attack), and December 26 (Tsunami) are a few days people remember for bad reasons. It does not mean that the other days in the calendar are any better than these days in terms of the amount of blood world sheds.

On August 4th, Queen Elizabeth was born; Barak Obama was born; however, in 1181, on August 4th, Supernova was seen; 1265, 1351, 1578, 1666, 1704, 1760 there were wars started on these days. In 1666, hurricane killed thousands of people on the same day. Do these events mean that Barak Obama and Queen Elizabeth were born on bad days!!!

If you ask someone living in Kashmir or Sri Lanka or any other place where gunshots are a daily affair, they would not rate any day better than the other. Each individual would have their own reference... when they lost a loved one.

If you dig history deep enough, you would understand that all days are almost the same!!! What matters is how you live each day!!!

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