Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lessons Learnt

In IT industry, we used to share the lessons learnt from one project to the other projects. It is to ensure that the organization does not do the same mistake again. I'm sure in other industries too this concept is followed. I believe most of the spiritual preaching and moral stories are based on the same concept; someone's lessons learnt or lessons learnt compiled from a society.

So I thought, I would also record my lessons learnt. It might be useful to someone or to myself later in life.

1. Be happy no matter what happens to you in the course of life

This may sound philosophical. But it is not. If you really want to live your life and learn from your life, you should be happy no matter what happens. There were nasty betrayals from unexpected quarters; there were bankruptcies; there were close to death ill health experiences. But I decided to be happy with my life. There is no point in crying over anything that can’t be changed or something that has already happened. After all, life is too short to worry about these things.

It is not that I was not hurt at all. I was upset like any other human being. I cried; I felt guilty; I felt angry; I felt desperate; I felt hopeless; I felt dejected; I felt disgusted. But after a while after each fall, I shook myself and started running again. Because of the falls, there were set backs in life. One of the companies I worked for said I just missed the bus by a couple of weeks. But then, in life you do not have to depend on one bus…. you do not even have to depend on a bus 

‘Let Go’ is the key principle. For us to grow, we need to let go some things. Holding on grudges is poisonous. So it is better to release the anger and any other negative thoughts & feelings. This part was very hard for me especially after betrayals. Letting the hard feeling go and start trusting the person was the hardest. But if you do not want to break the relationship (in life there are several such relationships) then that is the only option. I believe the other person’s cooperation to build the trust is also equally important. This can not be a one way traffic.

Long time back poet ‘Vairamuthu’ had written a few lines about life… ‘Save your smiles; you may lose everything else in an earthquake’ is the gist of it (sorry I could not bring in the beauty of the poem in the translation). I hold these lines as the corner stone of my life. I guess I will be able to sustain this through out!!!!

2. Be open and always speak the truth.

3. Do not give unsolicited advice.

4. Give your best to whatever you do.

5. Never speak about someone who is not present

6. Do not think that you are perfect and do not expect perfection from others.

7. Do not be manipulated

8. If you want to keep something secret, keep it to yourself.

Shall elaborate the remaining in the upcoming articles.

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