Monday, September 1, 2014


In one of the trainings I attended recently, there was an emphasis on giving feedback. When you give feedback about what the other person should improve on, it would feel like a performance review; instead, if you describe what impact they had on you, both positive and negative then they will consider it in right sense was the argument made. Interesting I thought! I am really not convinced that this approach will work for all and work in all situations. What is more interesting is that I got this one-size fit all gyan from a training that preaches on the need to consider individuals more than practices

There are people who would like to look at the system rather than personal feedback; impact on you as an individual will not matter to them; it may even hurt their ego. There are a few others who get put off when you position your interests in front - they will also want a systemic view of the feedback or a feedback from their perspective. There are a few others who will not consider any type of feedback. But as a coach, you may want them to understand the impact and make them change their behavior; in such a situation, letting them fail and amplifying the pain could work better than giving the feedback.

More than all this, the person who gives the feedback should consider if their view is really correct, the feedback is needed for improving the situation. I am only thinking of Socrates who talked about three sieves to be used before spreading gossips. I think the sieves fit the feedback techniques too though they are not same as gossip!!!

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