Sunday, July 6, 2014

Accepting help gracefully

Some time back, I wrote a series of articles on Pain. Looks like, now it is going to be "Help". The difference as of now, I was replying to a friend of mine in the earlier series; in the current series, it is my own surprise realization! It started with Tuesdays with Morrie; continued with கடன் பட்டார் நெஞ்சம் போல்; latest in this series is this article!!

I was applying Maruthani (Mehandi / henna) last week . On the first day I applied it on my left hand and the next day on my right hand. While doing so, it suddenly struck me that I was more comfortable on the first day not only because my right hand knew how to apply perfectly but also because my left hand knew how to position itself and move fingers in such a way that it becomes easy for the right hand to apply. My right hand had tough time adjusting the fingers to enable easy application of the henna. I am a right hander!! My right hand could not get pampered because of its inability to accept help!! Hmm… 

Since recognizing this, I was wondering if it was only me who felt this way with accepting help. Today, I decided to write on the topic - can we accept help at all without feeling reduced. After writing the above paragraph, I just looked up the net to see if anyone else had difficulty in accepting help. Wow! There is a whole lot of people who felt it the same way!! The most interesting one was on wiki how! When I read this blog I was pleasantly surprised that I was thinking quite a number of points mentioned!! There were shockers too!! Interesting read!

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