Saturday, October 13, 2012

Language I write in

In addition to my mother tongue Tamil, I can read and write in English. My blogs are in both the languages. Someone asked my how do I decide which language to be used for a particular topic. Till then I had not given any serious thought about it. I wrote them in the language I felt like; it appeared as if there is no rational behind the choice.

After this question was raised by my friend, I went thru all my blogs to see why I wrote in the language I wrote!! Initially I thought, if I wrote some heart touching event, I chose Tamil and if it is some general stuff, it was English. No, that is not correct.

Interestingly the trigger of the article had the clue. When the trigger occurred if I was hearing / thinking/talking in Tamil, then the article was in Tamil and it was English then the article too was in English.

For example, when I conceived my previous blog, I was watching Tamil news where I saw the sad faces of those who were relocating back to North eastern states; when first I thought of Leafful of rice, I was in a friend's wedding and language I was using (hearing and talking) was English.  I can precisely identify the reason for the choice of language for each of my articles!!


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