Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two months of silence

I did not write for exactly two months. It is not just because I was busy in other things. But it is also because I wanted to avoid making judgements of the happenings around me. 

But I do not think I have succeeded a bit :-) It is just that I had not put it on writing; I had made judgements mentally; even after great efforts not do it, I had shared my judgements orally. 

I am wondering, if anyone can communicate to another person, without making judgements!!! Most of the communications we (not only me) make are around the judgements we make. It need not be dissatisfaction but just criticisms. Most of the jobs we perform are also around making judgements. I could sense that there is a difference between decisions and judgements; and also that judgments we make are subject to change depending on which side of the story is known to us. But I am finding it hard to decide without judging.

I will be grateful if someone could teach me how do you make decisions without judging. Are they referring to perceptions / prejudice when they talk about judgement? I am not sure. Or do they mean that you should not judge people but you can judge ideas, actions, results and facts?

I am not looking for another dose of philosophical response. What I need is techniques!!! Can anyone help me?

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