Friday, December 12, 2008

Are we better than Animals as we claim?

This question is haunting me more than ever. India is not the only country that suffers terrorism. Every country in the world suffers this cruelty. Every family suffers cruelty in some form.

Is fighting part of our genetic system? Most likely so. Every species in the world fights with its prey, predator. Do they fight among themselves? Many writers and poets claim that animals fight only for food that too only when they are hungry. But if you watch, Animal planet or Discovery you would quickly learn that it is not so. Animals fight to prove their supremacy to the other gender; they fight to establish their territory; they even fight to ensure that there is no competition for food, even when there is plenty of food.

We fight to prove supremacy of our beliefs, country, language, religion, skin colour, and so on. Aren’t we same as animals? To improve their economy, their trade, the governments intentionally create unrest in other countries. Look at what is happening to Sri Lanka. If there is peace in Sri Lanka, there will be more ship movement thru their ports than the other countries sharing Indian Ocean. World’s 80% of the trade is thru Indian Ocean. Think of all the countries at the shores of Indian Ocean that made tremendous growth since the time war started in Sri Lanka. Will these countries let Sri Lanka be at peace? Are we any better than animals? Probably we are worse because we are able to think better (or crueler) ways to destroy others.

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