Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Glass Ball…

Positive blog again! This weekend had the potential to go negative! One whole day got wasted without any productive work and that drained my energy! Instead of focussing on some serious stuff, I thought I will spend the rest of my day watching TV and reading Tamil magazines! I read Ananda Vikatan (wow, it is after a couple of years or so)! I am glad I did!!  Though TV did not entertain me much, a short story made me smile… the story named "கண்ணாடிப் பந்து - Glass Ball" by Narsim… I am still smiling it is more than a few hours since finished reading the story

A strong professional falling in love with another equally strong professional and the time from their meeting till the proposal is the gist of the story. It is not that this storyline has never been dealt in the past by anyone. But the way the story is narrated is awesome. I don’t know if people working outside corporate setup will be able to appreciate the story or not but I am sure all those in the corporate world would have smiled the way I did! I liked the way the org & self management concepts are sprinkled thru the story! I liked the way the author expressed that love can flourish only when there is mutual respect and awe… the story represents what our Tamil poet Avvai expressed beautifully "நற்றாமரைக் கயத்தில் நல்லன்னஞ் சேர்ந்தாற்போல் கற்றாரைக் கற்றாரே காமுறுவர்"… also the mental oscillation between an yes and no, the hesitation to open up the topic, fear of rejection, inability to let go of ego (misinterpreted as dignity :-) )and finally conveying the feeling in style, indirectly but without any room for misinterpretation… beautiful… Sure, the number of English words used is higher; maybe there was a way to reduce it to make it more readable for a wider audience… but it felt natural to me - a typical being from the corporate world who loves Tamil and English!

More than all these reasons, I felt relieved that finally there are stories that recognize the intelligence in women more than just the beauty and emotions! I am glad that this story did not portray women as the all forgiving epitomes of self-sacrifice! Though the heroine's looks are mentioned and her filled eyes are referred to casually, they are not the reasons for her to be loved! Same goes with the hero too! Our mythology to most recent movies highlight other aspects of women as more likeable! For example, Sathaybama who could take over from Krishna and fought Narakasura in spite of knowing that he is her own son is regarded as arrogant and much less than Rukmini and Radha who are in blind hero worship or love; movies showing women as either just beauty queens on one end or struggling alone to fight the world on the other end! I used to wonder whether there are any "normal" women - women with intelligence, their own self-respect, ego, inner beauty and strength to express her love for a man and "normal" men with all the above and strength to accept love expressed by a woman! From that context, this story represents a desired culture!

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